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Let me ask you some Questions!



At what age do you want to retire? 

At what age will you retire?

Will you have enough money?

How much do you have in savings?

Are you relying on the stock market for your retirement income? 

Is your 401k going to be enough or will you have to work until your 75?

What will be the tax rate of your 401k when you retire? 

Did you know that most Americans do not retire at 59 1/2

Did you know that at 59 1/2 your 401k is not in penalty? 

Did you know that at age 72 your 401k is in penalty?

How old did you say you thought you would be when you retired? 

Are you 100% sure that you are going to have a great retirement, or do you have some doubts?

The graph below illustrates and account with a $ 1,000,000 in it at retirement. The tax rate is 25%. Review the graph and ask yourself if you will have enough money to retire, or if you will have to keep working. Next ask yourself if you will live 20 or 30 years after retiring. Then, ask yourself if the tax rate will go up or stay the same.

Could you live on the monthly amount listed below? 


Chris M. Sorenson, principal agent


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